With our buildings in the shape that they are in, will we even be able to pass an operating levy?

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The operating levy that will be on this ballot is for just that – operating the district. This request is coming first, ahead of any future requests for facilities. This operating levy will focus on personnel, special costs (i.e. technology), programming for students, etc. We currently have an operating levy in-place that is set to expire soon. This request is to renew the current operating levy at a slightly higher amount. 

There are two kinds of bonds, an operating levy and a building bond. A building bond referendum is a referendum meant to focus on facilities and grounds (this is not the current ballot issue). As we continue exploring options related to facilities, we may come to you again with a building bond request. However, the question on the upcoming ballot is not a building bond; the question on the upcoming ballot is solely a request to renew the existing operating levy amount at a slightly higher amount.