• NHS involves four areas of student life: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.
    Students are encouraged to be well-rounded in all areas.



    NHS Officers for 2021-2022

    President:  Emilie Hable

    Vice President: Alexandra Maiers

    Secretary:  Madalynn Wulkan 

    Treasurer: Leslie Rodriguez






    Emilie Hable

    Alexandra Maiers

    Allison Dornseif

    Madalynn Wulkan

    Isabella Oldre

    Leslie Rodriguez

    Tori Schmalz



    Allyson Markgraf

    Mason Grams

    Allison Milbrandt

    Leah Kirtz

    Brooke Wulkan


    At Buffalo Lake Hector Stewart High School, we have had an NHS charter since 1956. Students who are eligible for this organization will be notified in advance of the selection period.


    Minimum Qualifications:


    1. New NHS students must have, and maintain, a minimum GPA of 3.5.
    2. Members are expected to uphold the ideals and rules of NHS.
    3. Members are expected to complete their service component on a yearly basis.


    Other items of note:


    1. Students who do not actively participate in core functions will be dismissed from NHS and will not have the opportunity for reinstatement.
    2. After the first semester, all sophomores, juniors and seniors who are eligible will be notified and selected based on their completed application.
    3. Induction will take place in March.
    4. Officers will be selected in May of the year.