• The Mustangs

    School colors ....air force blue, white and silver

    School song...

    Fight Mustangs, let's win this game.

    Fight Mustangs, honor your name.

    Teamwork and spirit, come on let's cheer it,

    Fight 'em, beat 'em, we'll defeat 'em.

    Buffalo Lake-Hector we're on our way.

    Victory is ours today.


    B-L-H is the best!


    Mustangs unite and strive hard to win.

    We'll be the champions time and again.

    Our team has power and we'll devour,

    Fight on, Mustangs, Go, Go, Go, Go!

    Blue, silver, white we're here at your side,

    Always we'll cheer with pride.


    B-L-H is the best!


    Buffalo Lake and Hector combined schools to make BLH in the 1987-1988 school year.