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Staff Telephone and E-Mail Directory

Buffalo Lake Campus Telephone: (320) 833-5311 ext. 2xx
Hector Campus Telephone: (320) 848-2233 ext. 3xx


Office Staff


Name Position E-mail Campus Extension
Billmeier, Barb School Nurse bbillmeier@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 200/364
Dobberstein, Rhonda Administrative Assistant rdobberstein@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 241
Hansen, David Superintendent/Elem. Principal dhansen@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 223
Holle, Wendy Business Manager wholle@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 237
Jensen-Hagert, Lori Counselor ljensenhagert@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 236
Kaufenberg, Neil District Technology Director nkaufenberg@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 228/316
Krause, Dan Dean of Students/ Community Ed dkrause@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 311
Koeberl, Eileen Payroll Officer ekoeberl@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 242
Melberg, Michelle Social Worker mmelberg@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 310
Pasco, Seth Technology spasco@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 228/362
Rouse, Barb High School Secretary brouse@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 300/0
Sandgren, Mallory Elementary Secretary msandgren@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 225/0
Schroeder, Samuel High School Principal sschroeder@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 304
Vaala-Logeais, Daidre School Phycologist dvaala-logeais@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 220/364
Wolff, Stephen Athletic Director swolff@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 303

Teaching Staff

Name Position E-Mail Campus Extension
Ahlbrecht, Joy Computer jahlbrecht@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 208/356
Baden, Laura Science lbaden@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 317
Bartholomay, Rebecca English  rbartholomay@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 336
Berntson, KerryAnn Choir/Band kberntson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector

Choir 325

Band 314

Bertsch, James Math jbertsch@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 339
Carlson, Chelsey English ccarlson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 322
Christianson, Cathy Math cchristianson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 318
Covart, Deborah Art dcovart@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 210/319
Depiesse, Kyle Business kdepiesse@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 312
Gass, Carrie  Second Grade cgass@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 215
Gass, Dylan Fifth Grade dgass@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 230
Grams, Jill Vocational Agriculture jgrams@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 315
Grand, Jeff Third Grade jgrand@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 232
Hopp, Pamela Science phopp@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 340
Johnson, Luke     Science ljohnson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 321
Kaenel, Lisa Special Education lkaenel@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 209
Keltgen, Brittany Special Education bkeltgen@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Kern-Anderson, Jenny Sixth Grade jkernanderson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 327
Kramer, Molly Special Education mkramer@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 235
Lee-Muske, Sandra Spanish/ Media Specialist smuske@blh.k12.mn.us Hector/Buffalo Lake 334/307/207
Meinert, Danielle Kindergarten dmeinert@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 202
Menth, Michael Social Studies mmenth@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 335
Milton, Kristen First Grade kmilton@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 222
Muench, Alyssa English almuench@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 320
Muench, Anna Second Grade amuench@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 233
Naujokas, Alexander Social Studies anaujokas@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 337
Nelson, Doreen ESL dnelson@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 221/334
Oldre, Erin Third Grade eoldre@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 212
Powers, Scott Physical Education spowers@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 328
Rasmussen, Brenda Title brasmussen@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 206
Rasmussen, Mary Speech mrasmussen@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 201/301
Rudeen, Melanie Fourth Grade mrudeen@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 229
Sadler, Laurie Special Education lsadler@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 324
Schumacher, Katie First Grade kschumacher@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 234
Stranberg, Susan Sixth Grade sstranberg@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 333
Squibb, Lexi Kindergarten lsquibb@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 239
Thode, Matthew Physical Education, DAPE mthode@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 216
Tollefsrud, Erin ESL etollefsrud@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 221/334
Weis, Jody Fourth Grade jweis@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 211
Winkelmann, Heather Special Education hwinkelmann@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 331
Witter, Cathy Music cwitter@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 214
Witter, Leon Fifth Grade lwitter@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 226

Early Childhood/PALS Preschool

Name Position E-Mail Campus Extension
Buboltz, Angie PALS Para abuboltz@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Heerdt, Anne PALS Aide aheerdt@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Ovitt, Katie     ECSE kovitt@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 205
Rosenthal, Amy ECFE Para & Kindergarten Para arosenthal@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Weispfennig, Jody Coordinator/Teacher jweispfennig@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 204


Name Position E-Mail Campus Extension
Fink, Theresa Special Education tfink@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Haas, Ashlee Special Education ahaas@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Haley, Dawn Special Education dhaley@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Harrell, Kelly Classroom Support kharrell@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Johnson, Nadine Special Education njohnson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Kleeberger, Amy Special Education akleeberger@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Knutson, Vicky Special Education vknutson@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Kubesh, Karen RtI Support kkubesh@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Malo, Candy Special Education cmalo@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
McColley, Lisa Special Education lmccolley@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Nelson, Theresa Special Education tnelson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Neubarth, Darla Sign Language Interpreter dneubarth@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 329
Novotny, Vicky Elementary Library vnovotny@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 207
Pierce, Lisa Special Education lpierce@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Rhodes, Belkis ESL brhodes@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Rodriguez Dominguez, Elena ESL erodriguez@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Schaufler, Connie Classroom Support cschaufler@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Schulze, Patty Special Education pschultz@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Smith, Stacee Special Education/Bus Driver ssmith@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Squibb, Kelly Special Education ksquibb@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Swanson, Thea ESL tswanson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 342

Support Staff

Name Position E-Mail Campus Extension
Bleck, Chuck Kitchen cbleck@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Bleck, Judy Kitchen jbleck@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Butcher, Steve Custodian sbutcher@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 217
Carrigan, Bonnie Van Driver bcarrigan@blh.k12.mn.us    
Carrigan, Wayne Bus Driver wcarrigan@blh.k12.mn.us    
Clouse, Michael Buildings & Grounds Supervisor mclouse@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake/Hector 217/343
Danielson, Corey High School Head Cook cdanielson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 341
Dean, Larry Van Driver ldean@blh.k12.mn.us    
Ewert, Jameson Hector Head Custodian jewert@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Fredrickson, David Custodian dfredrickson@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Gaulke, Glenn Van Driver ggaulke@blh.k12.mn.us    
Hauer, Duane Golf Coach/Yearbook Advisor/Bus Driver dhauer@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 303
Heerdt, Jeff Bus Driver jheerdt@blh.k12.mn.us    
Huls, Tamara Kitchen thuls@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Huls, Ruby Bus Driver rhuls@blh.k12.mn.us    
Kadelbach, Jeanne Elementary Head Cook jkadelbach@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake 213
Krueger, Gregory Bus Supervisor gkrueger@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 848-2237
Krueger, Sheila Van Driver skrueger@blh.k12.mn.us    
Krumrey, Julie Kitchen jkrumrey@blh.k12.mn.us Buffalo Lake  
Martinson, Donna Custodian dmortinson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Rasmussen, Robert Bus/Van Driver rrasmussen@blh.k12.mn.us    
Sauter, Paul Custodian psauter@blh.k12.mn.us Hector  
Swanson, Lisa Food Service Coordinator lswanson@blh.k12.mn.us Hector 341
Toreen, Doug Bus Driver dtoreen@blh.k12.mn.us    

Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart SchoolsP.O. Box 307Hector, MN  55342

Hector Campus 320-848-2233Buffalo Lake Campus 320-833-5311

Office Fax 320-848-2401

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